ARCCAPTAIN 130A MIG Welder Review [2023 Review]

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ARCCAPTAIN 130A MIG Welder Review

What We Thought (full review below!)

The ARCCAPTAIN 130A is ideal for a variety of projects, including home repairs, hobbyist projects, light fabrication work, and more. Its multi-process capability allows for flexibility in tackling different types of welding tasks.

The target audience for this welder includes DIY enthusiasts, hobbyist welders, and professionals in need of a reliable yet affordable welding solution. Its simplicity makes it approachable for beginners, while its capabilities are sufficient to satisfy the demands of more experienced users.

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14.9″ x 5.3″ x 9.7″


11.79lbs / 5.34kg

Protection Class



110V 50/60 Hz

  • Synergic Control System: Simplifies the welding process with a single control knob for amperage adjustment.
  • All-Metal Construction: Ensures durability and longevity.
  • Multi-Process Capability: Supports flux core welding, stick welding, and lift TIG welding (with additional purchase).
  • Portability: Compact size and optional carrying strap make it easy to transport.
  • Versatile Wire Compatibility: Handles 0.030, 0.035, and 0.040 wires.
  • Quality Ground Clamp and Accessories: Comes with a longer ground clamp and useful accessories like extra tips and a brush hammer combo.
  • Quarter-Turn Knob on Wire Holder: Makes changing out spools quick and easy.
  • Good Value for Money: Offers a range of features at a competitive price.
  • 110V Power Limitation: May not be sufficient for heavy-duty industrial use.
  • Limited to Smaller Wire Spools: Can only handle up to 2-pound spools.
  • Additional Purchases for Lift TIG: Requires extra investment for lift TIG welding capabilities.
  • Wire Feed Wheel Compatibility: The included wheel only handles 0.030 and 0.035 wires; 0.040 requires a separate purchase.
  • Amperage Memory Inconsistency: Sometimes the machine does not remember the last amperage setting when switching modes.

Welcome to our comprehensive review of the ARCCAPTAIN 130A MIG Welder. In this review, we’re excited to delve into the intricacies of this versatile welding machine, known for its robust capabilities and user-friendly features. The ARCCAPTAIN 130A stands out in the market with its flux core welding capability, which makes it an excellent choice for a range of welding projects.

One of its most notable features is the synergic control system, which simplifies the welding process by allowing us to adjust the amperage with just a single knob, while the machine takes care of the rest. Adding to its appeal is the durable all-metal case, ensuring longevity and resilience in various working environments.

Join us as we explore what the ARCCAPTAIN 130A MIG Welder has to offer.


The ARCCAPTAIN 130A Unboxed

Unboxing and Initial Impressions

Upon inspection of the ARCCAPTAIN 130A MIG Welder, we were particularly impressed by its design and build quality. This welder is encased in an all-metal construction, which not only adds to its durability but also instills confidence in its ability to withstand the rigors of frequent use. We appreciate the thoughtful top-open design for wire loading, which we find to be more convenient and user-friendly compared to side-loading models. It’s a small detail, but it significantly enhances the ease of wire changes.

The compact size of the ARCCAPTAIN 130A is another feature we’re fond of. Its portability means we can easily move it around the workshop or transport it to different job sites without any hassle. This makes it a versatile tool for both professional and hobbyist welders.

Lastly, the quality of the latches and handle on this machine deserves a special mention. We’ve noticed that the latches are robust and spring-loaded, ensuring a secure closure of the wire compartment. The handle, while being one of the few non-metal parts, is sturdy and comfortable to grip, making the transport of the unit even more convenient. These aspects of the welder’s design contribute to its overall reliability and user satisfaction.

Included Accessories

  • Wire-Fed MIG Setup and Electrode Holder: The ARCCAPTAIN 130A comes with a comprehensive wire-fed MIG setup, including an electrode holder, making it ready for various welding tasks right out of the box.
  • Ground Clamp: This welder includes a ground clamp that stands out for its length, which is notably longer compared to those found with other machines in this category, enhancing its usability.
  • Additional .030 Tips: We’re provided with extra .030 tips, ensuring that we have replacements on hand for continuous and efficient welding operations.
  • 2-Pound Spool of 0.030 Wire: The inclusion of a 2-pound spool of 0.030 wire allows us to start welding immediately, adding to the convenience of this setup.
  • Optional Carrying Strap and Brush Hammer Combo: For added mobility and maintenance, there’s an optional carrying strap for easier transport and a brush hammer combo for post-welding cleanup.

Features and Capabilities

As we delve deeper into the features and capabilities of the ARCCAPTAIN 130A MIG Welder, we’re continually impressed by its innovative design and functionality. A standout feature for us is the Synergic Control System. This system simplifies the welding process through a single control knob for amperage. What this means for us, as users, is that we can easily adjust the amperage without worrying about the other parameters. The welder intelligently calibrates the rest, ensuring optimal performance with minimal manual input.

When it comes to wire feeding and compatibility, the ARCCAPTAIN 130A shows its versatility. We find it quite accommodating, as it handles various wire sizes including 0.030, 0.035, and 0.040 wires. This range allows us to work on different types of projects with ease, making it a flexible tool in our arsenal.

The multi-process capability of this welder is another aspect we’re excited about. It’s not just limited to flux core welding; it also supports stick welding, and with an additional purchase, we can upgrade it to perform lift TIG welding. This multi-functionality makes it a valuable investment, especially for those of us who engage in diverse welding tasks.

However, it’s important to note that the ARCCAPTAIN 130A operates on 110V only. While this meets the power requirements of most domestic and light commercial applications, it’s something we keep in mind, particularly when considering the welder for heavier industrial use. Despite this limitation, its performance in suitable environments is nothing short of impressive.

Setup and Usability

Setting up and using the ARCCAPTAIN 130A MIG Welder is a straightforward process, thanks to its user-friendly design. Here’s a breakdown of how we approach the setup and usability:

  • Loading Wire: We begin by opening the top of the welder, which provides easy access to the wire compartment. Loading the wire is a simple task – we just need to ensure that it’s properly aligned and fed into the feed mechanism. This top-loading design significantly simplifies the process, especially when we’re in the middle of a project and need to change spools quickly.
  • Adjusting Settings: The welder features a synergic control system, which means most of the settings are automatically adjusted by the machine. Our primary task is to set the amperage using the single control knob. This system reduces the time spent on setup and allows us to focus more on the actual welding task.
  • Wire Holder’s Quarter-Turn Knob Feature: One of the standout features of this welder is the quarter-turn knob on the wire holder. This design choice eliminates the need for extensive unscrewing, making the process of changing spools much faster and more efficient. It’s a small detail, but it significantly enhances our overall experience.
  • Amperage Adjustment and Mode Selection: Adjusting the amperage is as simple as turning a knob, thanks to the synergic control system. The mode selection is also user-friendly. The welder allows us to switch between flux core welding, stick welding, and (with an additional purchase) lift TIG welding. Changing modes is just a matter of selecting the desired option on the machine, ensuring that we can easily transition between different types of welding tasks.

The ARCCAPTAIN 130A all set up!

Performance Testing

Welding Tests at Various Amperage Settings

  • Low Amperage: We started our tests at lower amperage settings. Here, we observed smooth welding with adequate penetration for thin materials.
  • Mid-Range Amperage: Moving to mid-range settings, the welder showed versatility, handling a broader range of materials effectively.
  • High Amperage: At higher settings, the welds remained consistent, though we were mindful of the limitations posed by our 110V power supply.

Observations on Wire Quality and Weld Results

  • Wire Quality: The quality of the included 0.030 wire was impressive. It fed smoothly through the machine, contributing to steady welds.
  • Weld Results: Across different settings, the welds were clean and strong. The machine’s ability to adjust settings automatically based on our amperage choice was evident in the consistent quality of the welds.

Limitations Due to 110V Power Supply

  • Breaker Tripping: At the highest amperage settings, we had to be cautious to avoid tripping the circuit breaker due to the 110V limitation.
  • Material Thickness: While the welder handled most materials well, we noted that for very thick materials, the 110V power supply could be a constraint.

ARCCAPTAIN 130A Test results

Price and Value

As of our review, the ARCCAPTAIN 130A MIG Welder is priced competitively in the market. The welder is currently available at a price point that is both accessible for hobbyists and reasonable for professional users.

When compared to other welders in a similar price bracket, the ARCCAPTAIN 130A stands out due to its robust feature set. The all-metal construction, synergic control system, and multi-process capabilities give it an edge over many of its counterparts. We also noted that while some welders in this price range offer similar basic functionalities, they often lack the versatility and build quality that the ARCCAPTAIN 130A offers.

Considering its features, build quality, and performance; we find the ARCCAPTAIN 130A MIG Welder to offer excellent value for its price. The inclusion of features like the synergic control system and the capability to handle various wire sizes adds significant value, especially for those who need a versatile welding solution. The machine’s ease of use and consistent performance make it a valuable tool for both beginners and experienced welders.

Final Thoughts

We are thoroughly impressed with the ARCCAPTAIN 130A MIG Welder. Its standout features, such as the synergic control system, the robust all-metal construction, and the flexibility in handling various wire sizes, make it a noteworthy contender in its category.

The ease of use, combined with the quality of the welds it produces, positions it as a reliable tool for a wide range of welding tasks.

The thoughtful design elements, like the top-open design for wire loading and the quarter-turn knob on the wire holder, enhance the overall user experience, making welding more efficient and less cumbersome.


  • We highly recommend the ARCCAPTAIN 130A MIG Welder for anyone looking for a versatile, durable, and user-friendly welding machine. It’s suitable for both novice and experienced welders due to its straightforward operation and consistent performance.
  • Given its price point and the range of features it offers, we believe it represents excellent value for money, making it a smart investment for both personal and professional use.
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