YesWelder MIG-270K Multi-process MIG Welder [2023 Review]

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After a comprehensive review and various tests, the YesWelder MIG 270K stands out as a highly versatile and capable welding machine, especially suitable for professional settings or for serious hobbyists who demand a wide range of functionalities.

The welder’s multi-process capabilities, wide voltage flexibility, and compatibility with generators make it a robust tool for diverse welding tasks.

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MIG-270K Wide Voltage Multi-process MIG Welder

“Have been impressed & satisfied with this welder! Flux mig or gas mig, the welds are clean with good penetration throughout.”

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22.05 x 13.58 x 20.47”


87.59lb / 39.73kg

Protection Class




  • Multi-Process Capabilities: Offers MIG, gasless MIG, stick, and TIG welding (TIG torch sold separately), catering to a wide range of welding needs.
  • Voltage Flexibility: Operates on a wide voltage range from 200 volts single phase to 480 volts three-phase, making it adaptable to different power supplies.
  • Generator Compatibility: Can be used with generators up to 15 kilowatts, enhancing its usability in varied locations.
  • Comprehensive Kit: Includes essential accessories like a gas hose, regulator, MIG gun, electrode holder, and ground cable.
  • Digital Readouts: Features digital displays for precise control over current and voltage.
  • Versatile Welding Settings: Offers various settings for wire diameter, 2T/4T mode, MIG/MMA, and gas mixture.
  • Aluminum Welding Capability: Can weld aluminum with the additional purchase of a spool gun.
  • Good Duty Cycle: Comes with a 60% duty cycle with overheating protection, suitable for prolonged usage.
  • Quality Welds: Demonstrates strong welding performance on a variety of materials, including different steel thicknesses and aluminum.
  • Additional Purchases Required: Needs separate purchases for TIG torch and spool gun for aluminum welding.
  • Power Cord Not Included: The welder does not come with a power cord, requiring an additional purchase based on the user’s power setup.
  • Limitations at Lower Amperage: Performance limitations noted at 175 amps with single-phase power, especially for thicker materials.
  • Size and Portability: Its size may be a challenge for mounting on typical welding carts, although it does include casters for mobility.
  • Learning Curve: The array of features and settings might require a learning period, especially for beginners.
  • Spot Welding Setting Uncertainty: Some confusion around the spot welding setting as it appears not to be functional without additional accessories or information.

Designed with the professional welder in mind, this model stands out for its advanced capabilities and affordability, offering features that are often found in machines priced much higher.

Despite its professional-grade design, it’s important not to be intimidated; the 270K is user-friendly and suitable for a range of skill levels.

The multi-process functionality of this welder is a key highlight, enabling users to perform MIG, gasless MIG, stick, and TIG welding — though it’s worth noting that the TIG torch is sold separately.

Its wide voltage range, spanning from 200 volts single phase to 480 volts three-phase, enhances its versatility.

YesWelder advertises the MIG 270K as generator-ready, capable of operating with generators up to 15 kilowatts.

For those interested in aluminum welding, the 270K can accomplish this with the additional purchase of a spool gun. This review aims to cover all these aspects and more, providing a thorough and honest assessment of the welder’s capabilities, performance, and value.

Before diving into the details, it’s important to mention that YesWelder provided this welder for the purpose of this review.

However, they did not influence the content of this review, ensuring that what you’re about to read is based entirely on my personal, unbiased experience and observations.

Let’s take a closer look at what the YesWelder MIG 270K has to offer and see if it’s the right fit for your welding needs.

Key Features

The YesWelder MIG 270K welder is a versatile and robust tool, designed to cater to a variety of welding needs.

Let’s delve into its key features to understand what makes this welder stand out in the market:

Multi-Process Capabilities

  • MIG Welding: The 270K excels in Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding, a popular choice for its efficiency and the high quality of the welds it produces.
  • Gasless MIG Welding: This feature allows for flux-cored welding, ideal for outdoor work where wind might disperse a shielding gas.
  • Stick Welding: Also known as MMA (Manual Metal Arc) welding, this function offers versatility in working with a range of metals and thicknesses.
  • TIG Welding: The welder can also perform Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding, known for producing high-quality, precise welds. However, it’s important to note that the TIG torch must be purchased separately.

Voltage Flexibility

The MIG 270K offers a wide operating voltage range, from 200 volts single phase to 480 volts three-phase.

This level of flexibility ensures that the welder can be used in various settings and with different power supplies.

Generator Compatibility

The welder is compatible with generators up to 15 kilowatts.

This feature is particularly useful for field work or in locations where a stable power supply is not available.

Additional Purchases for Enhanced Functionality

  • To weld aluminum, an additional spool gun is required, which is not included with the welder.
  • For TIG welding, as previously mentioned, a separate TIG torch must be purchased.

These features highlight the YesWelder MIG 270K’s adaptability and potential to cater to a broad range of welding tasks, making it a valuable addition to both professional and hobbyist workshops.

YesWelder MIG-270K Set Up
The YesWelder MIG-270K set up and all ready to go!

Unboxing and First Impressions

Upon unboxing the YesWelder MIG 270K, the first impression is one of comprehensiveness and quality. The package contains everything needed to get started, with a few notable accessories that add to the overall experience.


Item Description
Gas Hose Essential for gas MIG welding, ensuring proper flow and regulation of shielding gas.
Regulator Used to control the pressure and flow of gas.
MIG Gun Comes with a 10-foot cable, crucial for MIG welding.
Electrode Holder Vital for stick welding, also featuring a 10-foot cable.
Ground Cable Ensures a good electrical connection to the workpiece, with a 10-foot cable.
Extra Tips Allows for use with different wire sizes (0.30, 0.35, 0.39 inches), both solid and flux core.
Drive Rollers Enables adjustments to accommodate various wire sizes for precise welding.

Digital Readouts

  • The welder is equipped with digital readouts for current and voltage, providing precise control and monitoring of your welding parameters. This feature is particularly helpful for achieving consistent results.
YesWelder MIG-270K Display
The YesWelder MIG-270K display is easy to read and use, with nice bright lights.

Various Settings

  • Wire Diameter Adjustment: You can adjust the machine to work with different wire diameters (0.30, 0.35, or 0.39 inches), which is critical for various types of welding jobs.
  • 2T/4T Mode: This setting gives you the flexibility to choose between a standard trigger (2T) and a locking trigger for longer welds (4T), enhancing user comfort during extended use.
  • MIG/MMA Setting: Switch easily between MIG welding and MMA (stick) welding, broadening the scope of projects you can tackle.
  • Gas Mixture Control: This allows for the selection of different gas mixtures, including 100% Argon, Argon/CO2 mix, 100% CO2, or flux-cored (gasless) welding.

From the outset, the YesWelder MIG 270K projects a sense of robustness and versatility. The variety of included components and the advanced settings available on the machine indicate a product designed for serious welding tasks, yet accessible enough for those still honing their skills.

Power and Performance

The YesWelder MIG 270K demonstrates robust power and performance characteristics, tailored to handle a variety of welding tasks.

Understanding its power requirements, duty cycle, and capabilities with different materials is crucial for optimal use.

Power Requirements and Cord Information

  • Voltage Range: The welder operates within a wide voltage range, from 200 volts single phase to 480 volts three-phase. This versatility allows it to be used in diverse settings and with various power supplies.
  • Power Cord: Notably, the MIG 270K does not include a power cord. Users need to provide their own cord based on their specific power source and requirements. For instance, a standard 200-volt, 50-amp plug might be common in many workshops.
  • Cord Specifications: For optimal safety and performance, it is recommended to use a minimum of six-gauge wire for lengths up to 25 feet.

Duty Cycle and Overheating Protection

  • Duty Cycle: The welder has a 60% duty cycle. This means that for every 10 minutes of operation, the welder can run continuously for 6 minutes before needing a 4-minute cool-down period.
  • Overheating Protection: In case the duty cycle is exceeded, the machine is equipped with a safety feature where it shuts off to prevent overheating, while the fans continue to run to cool it down.

Welding Capabilities with Different Materials and Thicknesses

  • Material Versatility: The MIG 270K is adept at welding various materials including different grades of steel and, with the additional purchase of a spool gun, aluminum.
  • Thickness Range: While the maximum welding thickness is stated to be 3/8 of an inch at full 270 amps, it should be noted that at a lower power supply (175 amps with single-phase), the maximum thickness it can effectively weld might be less.
  • Wire Compatibility: The welder is compatible with multiple wire diameters, allowing for flexibility in welding tasks ranging from thin sheet metal to thicker structural components.

The YesWelder MIG 270K’s power and performance capabilities make it a strong contender for both professional and serious hobbyist workshops.

Its ability to handle various materials and thicknesses, combined with its flexible power requirements and built-in safety features, positions it as a versatile and reliable welding solution.

Welding Tests

To gauge the performance and capabilities of the YesWelder MIG 270K, several welding tests were conducted on different materials and thicknesses.

These tests provide insights into how the welder handles real-world applications and its adaptability to various challenges.

Welding 12 Gauge Steel Tube

  • Initial Test: The first test involved welding a 12 gauge steel tube. The welder was set at 85 amps and 16.5 volts, with a gas flow of 15 CFM.
  • Outcome: The result was satisfactory, indicating that the welder performs well with medium-thickness materials like a 12 gauge steel tube.

Adjustments for Welding 10 Gauge Steel

  • Setup: The welder’s settings were adjusted to accommodate the thicker 10 gauge steel tube. Initially, the welder was set at 115 amps and 21 volts.
  • First Outcome: The initial weld appeared a bit hot, suggesting the need for a slight adjustment.
  • Adjusted Settings: The settings were modified to 105 amps and 20 volts.
  • Final Outcome: After adjustment, the welder provided a better weld, indicating its capability to adapt to slight variations in material thickness.

Challenges and Outcomes with 3/16 Inch and 3/8 Inch Steel

  • 3/16 Inch Steel: For this thicker material, the welder was set at 140 amps and 21 volts. The first attempt was a bit cold, leading to an adjustment to 150 amps and 22.5 volts, resulting in a much better weld.
  • 3/8 Inch Steel: The thickest steel tested pushed the welder to its single-phase power limit. With the machine set at the maximum 175 amps and 24 volts, the welding was challenging, with the outcome being passable but not optimal.

Limitations at 175 Amps with Single Phase Power

  • Power Constraint: The tests revealed that while the welder performs admirably on a range of materials and thicknesses, its performance on very thick materials like 3/8 inch steel is limited when using 175 amps provided by single-phase power.
  • Optimal Performance: For materials beyond this thickness, the welder would likely perform better with a higher power supply (three-phase), allowing it to reach its full 270 amp capacity.

These tests demonstrate the YesWelder MIG 270K’s proficiency across a spectrum of materials and thicknesses, with its performance varying based on the power supply and material thickness.

The welder shows versatility and adaptability, making it a suitable tool for a wide range of welding tasks, especially in environments where variable material types and thicknesses are common.

Aluminum Welding Capabilities

The YesWelder MIG 270K extends its versatility into the realm of aluminum welding, a task that requires specific tools and settings for optimal results.

Here, we explore how the welder performs with aluminum, particularly using a spool gun, and analyze the quality and penetration of the welds on this lighter metal.

Using a Spool Gun for Aluminum Welding

  • Spool Gun Requirement: For welding aluminum, the MIG 270K requires an additional spool gun, which is not included with the welder. For this test, a YesWelder model LBT-150 spool gun was used.
  • Setup: The spool gun connects easily to the front of the welder, replacing the MIG gun. It comes with an extra plug for connection and a switch on the welder to select the spool gun mode.

Test Results with 1/8 Inch Thick Aluminum

  • Material and Settings: The test involved 1/8 inch thick scrap aluminum. The welder was set at 175 amps and 17.5 volts, which is the maximum limit for single-phase power.
  • Welding Process: The aluminum was prepped with a wire brush for cleanliness. The spool gun was loaded with 4043 0.30 wire.
  • Outcome: The welder successfully fused the 1/8 inch aluminum, producing a clean and aesthetically pleasing weld. This indicates that the MIG 270K, coupled with a spool gun, is capable of handling aluminum welding tasks within its amperage limit.

Penetration and Quality Analysis

Examination of Weld Penetration on Aluminum

  • Method: To assess the penetration quality, the welded aluminum piece was cut and examined. This method helps in understanding how deep the weld penetrates into the material.
  • Observations:
    • Single Pass Weld: The penetration was visible and consistent, indicating a strong bond between the welded sections.
    • Double Pass Weld: A second pass was also tested, which showed even deeper penetration, further reinforcing the weld’s strength.
  • Analysis: The welds on the aluminum showed good penetration, indicative of the welder’s capability to handle medium-thickness aluminum with proficiency. It was observed that adjusting the passes and settings could optimize the welding results for different thicknesses and types of aluminum.
We were vey happy with how the YesWelder MIG-270K performed during our testing.
We were vey happy with how the YesWelder MIG-270K performed during our testing.

Our Final Thoughts

  • Performance: The MIG 270K performs admirably across a range of materials and thicknesses. Its ability to weld different types of steel effectively and handle aluminum welding with the additional spool gun is particularly noteworthy.
  • Versatility: The welder’s adaptability in voltage and multi-process capabilities, including the option for TIG welding (with an additional purchase), adds significant value.
  • Limitations: The primary limitation noted is its performance at 175 amps with single-phase power, particularly when dealing with thicker materials. However, this is mitigated if you have access to a higher voltage three-phase power source.

Overall, the YesWelder MIG 270K proves to be a solid investment for those looking for a reliable, multi-functional welder that doesn’t break the bank. Its range of features and adaptability to different welding needs make it a strong contender in its category.

Our Trusted Vendors

MIG-270K Wide Voltage Multi-process MIG Welder

“Have been impressed & satisfied with this welder! Flux mig or gas mig, the welds are clean with good penetration throughout.”

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