YesWelder YWM-211P MIG Welder Review [Updated for 2023]

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From a personal perspective, the YesWelder YWM-211P stands out for its performance and value. Its ability to effortlessly switch between various welding types, along with the added convenience of customizable settings, positions it as a highly capable machine.

The quality of welds it produces, its ease of use, and the thoughtfulness in its design, such as the easily accessible drive roller and the high-quality MIG torch, make it a commendable tool in its category.

While it may not be the perfect fit for every welding scenario, particularly for AC TIG welding, its strengths in MIG and DC Lift TIG welding, combined with its adaptability and user-friendly features, offer significant value for its price point.

For those whose work aligns with the capabilities of the YWM-211P, it represents a wise investment, capable of delivering reliable and high-quality welding performance.

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YesWelder YWM-211P

YesWelder YWM-211P MIG Welder

This is a little beast of machine holy smokes!

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21.65 x 14.17 x 17.52”


41lb / 18.6kg

Protection Class



110V/220V 50/60 Hz

  • Versatile Welding Modes: Offers multiple modes including MIG, Pulse MIG, DC Lift TIG, and Stick welding.
  • Pulse MIG Capabilities: Ideal for welding thin or heat-sensitive materials, reducing distortion.
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly interface with easy-to-change settings and rollers.
  • Customizable Settings: Ability to save and retrieve up to 10 welding settings for efficiency and consistency.
  • Quality MIG Torch: High-quality torch with comfortable grip and robust strain relief.
  • Good Build Quality: Durable and well-constructed, suitable for various working conditions.
  • Wide Material Range: Capable of welding different materials like steel, stainless steel, and aluminum up to a quarter-inch thick.
  • Limitation in TIG Welding: Only supports DC Lift TIG, not suitable for AC TIG welding (aluminum).
  • Aluminum Welding Challenges: Struggles with thinner aluminum without a spool gun.
  • Additional Investment for Aluminum: Need to purchase a spool gun separately for optimal aluminum welding.
  • Wire Compatibility: Requires specific types of wire for different welding processes (e.g., 5356 for aluminum with the MIG torch).

In this review, we delve into the capabilities and features of the YesWelder YWM-211P, a standout machine in the world of welding equipment.

This particular model distinguishes itself with its advanced Pulse MIG and Double Pulse MIG welding capabilities, setting it apart from other MIG welders in the YesWelder lineup.

A key aspect of this welder is its versatility and strength – it is proficient in handling a range of materials, including the ability to weld up to a quarter-inch thick steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

This broad range of welding capacities positions the YWM-211P as a potentially valuable tool for both professional and amateur welders who require a reliable and flexible welding solution.

Unboxing and Initial Impressions

As we unbox the YesWelder YWM-211P, we are presented with an array of essential components and accessories.

The package includes a sturdy ground clamp, a MIG torch outfitted with comfortable rubber grips and effective strain relief, and a graphene liner, which is particularly useful for certain welding applications.

Additionally, the welder comes with a stinger, an indispensable tool for stick welding, as well as a gas hose essential for the MIG process.

The box also contains extra tips and a wrench, facilitating easy maintenance and adjustments. Drive rollers and a voltage adapter are included too, ensuring the welder’s versatility and adaptability to different working environments.

Upon initial inspection, the build quality of the YWM-211P immediately stands out.

The welder feels robust and well-constructed, promising durability and reliability in demanding work conditions. A notable design improvement is the enhanced accessibility of the drive roller.

This thoughtful modification simplifies the process of changing rollers, reflecting YesWelder’s commitment to user-friendly design and functionality.

This attention to detail in build quality and design upgrades indicates that the YWM-211P is engineered with both performance and user experience in mind.

Setup Process

The process of setting up the YesWelder YWM-211P for steel welding is straightforward and user-friendly, making it accessible even for those with limited welding experience. The initial step involves selecting the appropriate drive roller for the wire size being used.

This selection is critical for ensuring smooth wire feeding and consistent welding performance. The design of the YWM-211P allows for easy access to the drive roller compartment, significantly simplifying the task of swapping rollers.

This ease of changing rollers not only saves time but also enhances the machine’s adaptability to various welding requirements.

Once the correct drive roller is in place, the next step is to load the wire into the machine. This is a seamless process, thanks to the well-designed wire feed system.

The YWM-211P also boasts a large, reverse-threaded nut that secures the wire spool, a feature that streamlines the wire loading process. The attention to detail in the design of these components underscores the welder’s focus on efficient setup and operation.

After the wire is loaded, the next step is to connect the MIG torch. The YWM-211P comes with a high-quality MIG torch, which includes a comfortable handle with rubber grips.

These grips not only provide comfort during prolonged use but also ensure a steady and secure hold, which is crucial for precision welding.

The strain relief design at both ends of the cable is robust, effectively preventing kinks and damage to the hose, thereby extending the torch’s lifespan.

The torch itself is a testament to the overall quality of the YWM-211P. It has a reassuring weight and balance to it, indicative of a well-made tool.

The presence of a ceramic cup on the torch, resembling a swirl ring similar to those found on plasma cutters, adds an innovative touch to the design, potentially enhancing the welding process.

This focus on the quality and ergonomics of the MIG torch demonstrates YesWelder’s commitment to providing a comfortable and efficient welding experience.

Welding Performance

Steel Welding

The YesWelder YWM-211P demonstrates impressive capabilities when it comes to steel welding. Tests conducted on various thicknesses of steel showcase the welder’s adaptability and power.

Starting with thinner sheets and moving up to materials as thick as a quarter-inch, the YWM-211P consistently delivers strong and clean welds.

Its ability to handle different thicknesses with ease highlights the machine’s versatility, making it suitable for a range of steel welding applications.

The results across these varying thicknesses indicate a stable arc and good penetration, with minimal spatter and a clean finish.

These attributes are crucial for both professional-grade projects and DIY tasks, underscoring the welder’s utility in diverse settings.

YesWelder YWM-211P on steel

The YesWelder YWM-211P worked very well on steel

Aluminum Welding

When it comes to aluminum welding, the YWM-211P requires some adjustments to optimize its performance.

This involves changing the liner to a graphene liner, which is better suited for the softer aluminum wire, and switching the gas type to 100% argon, as aluminum welding demands specific gas conditions for optimal results.

The performance of the YWM-211P in aluminum welding is further enhanced by its single and double pulse modes. The single pulse mode is adept at managing heat input, which is particularly beneficial when welding thinner aluminum to prevent warping and burn-through.

The double pulse mode, on the other hand, is ideal for achieving a cleaner, aesthetically pleasing finish on aluminum, mimicking the appearance of TIG welds with the efficiency of MIG welding.

In both modes, the welder maintains a stable arc and offers excellent control, enabling users to produce high-quality welds on aluminum with varying thicknesses.

The ability to switch seamlessly between these modes, coupled with the machine’s inherent power and precision, makes the YWM-211P a robust tool for aluminum welding tasks.

Features and Functionality

The YesWelder YWM-211P is equipped with a range of features and functionalities that cater to a variety of welding needs, enhancing its versatility and user-friendliness.

Machine Modes

  • MIG (Metal Inert Gas) Welding: This mode is ideal for welding a variety of metals including steel and aluminum, offering versatility for both thick and thin materials.
  • Pulse MIG Welding: Tailored for welding thin or heat-sensitive materials, this mode reduces heat input, minimizing distortion and providing better control over the weld.
  • DC Lift TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) Welding: This mode is designed for welding steel and stainless steel, offering precision and cleanliness in welds. However, it’s not suitable for aluminum as it doesn’t support AC TIG welding.
  • Stick Welding: A versatile mode for welding in outdoor environments or on dirty or rusty metals, offering robustness in less-than-ideal conditions.

Wire Diameter Settings and Auxiliary Options: The YWM-211P allows for adjustments in wire diameter settings, accommodating various sizes to match specific welding requirements. This feature ensures that users can optimize the machine for different types of wire, enhancing weld quality and consistency. Additionally, the welder provides auxiliary options like inductance control, enabling users to fine-tune the arc characteristics for different welding situations.

Saving and Retrieving Preset Welding Settings: One of the most user-friendly features of the YWM-211P is its ability to save up to 10 preset welding settings. This function is incredibly convenient for users who frequently switch between different welding tasks, allowing for quick and easy retrieval of preferred settings without the need to recalibrate the machine each time. This feature saves time and ensures consistent quality in repetitive welding tasks.

Limitations: While the YWM-211P excels in many areas, it does have some limitations. Notably, its TIG welding capability is restricted to DC Lift TIG, which is suitable for steel and stainless steel but not for aluminum. The lack of AC TIG welding means users looking to TIG weld aluminum will need to seek an alternative solution. This limitation is important for potential users to consider, especially those who work frequently with aluminum.

My YesWelder YWM-211P Recommendations

The YesWelder YWM-211P emerges as a robust and versatile welding machine, suitable for a wide range of welding tasks.

Its ability to handle different metals, coupled with the convenience of multiple welding modes like MIG, Pulse MIG, DC Lift TIG, and Stick, makes it a valuable asset for both professional welders and hobbyists.

The machine’s user-friendly interface, with the capability to save and retrieve up to 10 welding settings, further enhances its appeal, offering efficiency and consistency in welding projects.

However, potential users should be aware of its limitations, particularly in TIG welding. The absence of AC TIG welding means that those who frequently work with aluminum in TIG welding scenarios might need to look elsewhere.

For those primarily focused on MIG welding, especially with materials like steel and stainless steel, the YWM-211P is an excellent choice.

For users interested in welding aluminum, especially thinner gauges, the investment in a spool gun is recommended. The spool gun will significantly improve the welding experience with aluminum, providing better control and consistency. Therefore, when considering the YWM-211P for aluminum welding projects, factoring in the additional cost of a spool gun is essential.

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YesWelder YWM-211P

YesWelder YWM-211P MIG Welder

A quality inverted stick welder

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